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Evaluating An Offer of Employement

Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed your second interview and have been offered a job! Perhaps you’ve even received offers from more than one employer. Whether it’s one offer or more, your euphoria is sometimes quickly replaced by anxiety about the decisions which like ahead

You may be wondering, “Is this the ‘right’ job for me?” or “Am I going to be happy in this job, or should I just take it because I need a job, period?” Careful evaluation of your job offer and some serious thought as to how well the position and organization meet your needs can enable you to make the best choice for yourself. One of our staff members can help you sort out your options.

In evaluating your job offer, there are three critical questions you should address:

1. How closely does the offer match your career goal?

Think back to when you started your job search. What was important to you? What factors regarding a job, organization and work environment were on your “wish list?” Have they changed? How well does this position fit these factors?

Below are some factors you may want to consider in evaluation your offer. Some of these may not be important to you, and there may be other factore not listed which are extremely important to your decision.

Factors for Consideration

• Stability of industry
• Nature of the work
• Organizational culture
• Level of autonomy
• Travel
• Salary
• Mentoring
• Lifestyles of employees
• Prestige of job
• Stability of organization
• Quality of higher management
• Level or responsibility
• Location
• Work hours
• Benefits
• Variety of work

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