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Things you should know about resumes...

A good resume will attract the attention of the hiring manager and secure a job interview. The purpose of a resume is to disclose your accomplishments and qualifications to a potential employer. If the employer likes what she sees, she will contact you for a face to face meeting.

Think of your resume as a promotional brochure about you. You need to show a potential employer what you have accomplished and where your experience lies. Your strategy should be to emphasize the experience and skills that a particular employer is looking for. Your resume is also an example of your communication and organizational skills. A well done resume is itself another reminder of what kind of valuable employee you would be. Likewise, a sloppily produced resume is a terrific way to get yourself taken out of the running before it even starts.

There is a lot of information available on resumes and resume writing--some of it contradictory, but most of it useful. Our advice is to find a good book on resumes and learn the fundamentals of resume writing. Try to stay with the most current material you can; resume advice follows trends.

If the DIY route doesn't appeal to you, there are numerous professional resume writers who can help for a fee.

Additional Resume Resources

Top 20 Resume Pet Peeves of Recruiters - Recently ResumeDoctor.com surveyed 2500 recruiters across the US and Canada to find out the "Top 20 Resume Pet Peeves" recruiters have that result in a resume being tossed in the excluded pile.

The Electronic Resume- Many companies now collect resumes electronically-via email or the World Wide Web. As with any communication with employers, you must maintain a professional tone. An electronic resume that can be easily emailed is essential.

Power Verbs - Use this list of power verbs to help when creating your resume.

Types of Resumes - From chronological, to functional, to technical, which is which, and which is right?

Resume Samples
- Included in a PDF Format.
More Resume Samples - Included in a PDF Format.

Sample Technical Resumes - collection of technical resume samples, examples, templates and writing tips, including and in addition to those distributed throughout the other resume categories.

Easy to use free resume template
- Use this template created by the LaSalle trainers to help you get started with your resume. This template is a guide and is not a gurantee of employment. If you feel comfortable with a different format, please use the format you are most comforable with.

Resume Starter Guide - This guide will help get you started with a great resume.

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