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Career Searching...Where to start..

As a career counselor, I get asked a lot about where to start. This varies depending on the person, and where you are at in the job search process. Below you will find the more common areas that I get questioned on. To the left is a complete list of available resources for you to choose from.

Cover Letters - It's the age-old question from job seekers: Must every resume be accompanied by a cover letter? The answer, according to professional career counselors, is a resounding yes. And not just any cover letter. It must be tailored to the specific job you are applying for.

Read more about cover letters and view serveral samples.

Resumes - Resumes are intended to present a summary of highlights to allow prospective employers to scan through the document visually or electronically and see if your skills match their available positions. A good resume can do that very effectively

Read more about resume do's and don'ts and view serveral samples

Thank You Letters - Don't underestimate the power of a thank you letter. Also called a follow-up letter, it may be the deciding factor in your favor, especially when there are other candidates with your qualifications applying for the same job. Immediately after a round of interviews, always send a thank you letter to each of your interviewers by fax, mail or email.

Read more and view serveral samples.

Interviewing Techniques - Interviewing doesn't have to be nerve-wracking; with a little practice and preparation you can sail through with confidence.

Most employers use the interview to identify the best candidate for the job. But they're also trying to determine whether you fit their company. You, too, should be gauging whether the company is a match for you. Read More

Job Boards - A comphreshensive list of places you can surf to find job opportunites and also place your resume.

Evaluating an Offer - Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed your second interview and have been offered a job! Perhaps you’ve even received offers from more than one employer. Whether it’s one offer or more, your euphoria is sometimes quickly replaced by anxiety about the decisions which lie ahead. Read More

Recruiters - Companies that find jobs for individuals are often referred to as staffing agencies, recruiters, or temp agencies. There are numerous names you can call them, but the truth is... they can be your best bet when looking for a position quickly. There job is to know about job openings. Be sure to contact as many as you can. Some recruiters specialize in certain industries. Be sure to ask if the recruiter has a speciality.

Computer Career Interest Test - Take this fun test to see what area of IT is right for you.

Free Career Articles - Read these free articles for career advise, career research and free career tips and tricks.

Free Company Research Guide - Use the guide as a starting point to rearching companies and accessing your interview readiness skills.


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