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"I am currently taking the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) course at LaSalle Computer Learning Center and am very favorably impressed with the school. I especially like the small class size which allows the instructor to provide more individual attention and hands-on instruction to each student as needed. The instructor is very knowledgeable and conscientious, and the school administrator is friendly and routinely solicits feedback from the students. I would not hesitate to recommend LaSalle Computer Learning Center to anyone seeking a quality education". -- SOL

"Your school gave me the drive and the correct study habits (yes, study habits) that I truly needed. Remember at my age (45) learning does not come so easily. Your classes helped me get started in my new career. Just wish I had done this when I was twenty years old. I love my job and the people I deal with everyday. When someone calls with a lost file or can't log on to the system. It makes me feel good that I can help them. The great thing is almost all the calls are a little different than the last one was.With the excellent instructors and small classes at LaSalle Computer Learning Center, starting a new career became much easier. With only six people in my class I was able to learn faster and better than I would have anywhere else. You're not just a student at LaSalle Computer Learning Center you are a reflection of their knowledge. Working for a large city's IT Department became a reality after taking the MCSE course at LaSalle Computer Learning Center. Thanks for everything you have done for me." -- BB

"I selected LaSalle Computer Learning Center for my continuing education because...
The curriculum offered provides a complete package for the IT professional.
The flexible and extended hours of the classes, including weekends, are important to the working individual with an interest in enhancing their education and staying marketable in the field." -- AQ

"The instructors are knowledgeable in their subject, offering one-on-one assistance to students, when required. Thank you. I am certified and I found a job". -- SJ

"I was able to take the knowledge I gained at LaSalle Computer Learning Center to the next level and obtain the MCSE Certifications. The Instructors at LaSalle Computer Learning Center are top notch, caring and well trained, to give you the best training available, that will help you get that certification you want." -- JG

"I have had the most enjoyable learning experience and I would recommend LaSalle Computer Learning Center to any IT or computer professional as a milestone in their career advancement.

The three things I like best about taking classes at LaSalle Computer Learning Center are/were:Definitely the class size. Most computer schools offer classes of 15 people or more.
Very knowledgeable teachers, with wide experience in both teaching and computer industry
The nice, relaxed atmosphere during the class. Most of my teachers add spontaneity in their classes by combining teaching with hands-on exercises and/or computer demos." -- LPM

"I would recommend LaSalle to anyone who wants to pursue training for Microsoft Certification. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide individualized attention. Clearly, there goal is to help students learn and they provide a good environment for that purpose." -- MLD